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Small ass gets some hard flogging

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Severe female punishment , bound petite girl with small ass gets some good flogging on her but cheeks and also does she receive a harsh female back whipping from her Mistress Nika Noire , a kinky lesbian dominatrix who loves to play with hot girls and push their limits of receiving pain which she loves to give to her playdolls / slaves . This shoot contains high quality videos of whipping flogging women , which you wouldnt quickly forget , very real with passion comming straight from a lesbian hearth , watch how these women enjoy whipping floggin beating their slaves and watch how their pain sluts are willing to receive pain and humiliation from their superiors , it will make you tick like a good old clock , but be warned this content is very real and can be rated as extreme content by many folks , but its all consensual , so we are all free to enjoy and thats why i show it here on my blog to share with fellow lovers of females being punished

Schoolgirl gets whipping from Busty teacher

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Busty Dominant teacher disciplines her 18 year old female student in a very harsh way , Well this kind of content is not suited for all ,so be warned , But also some who come here will LOVE this content of the strict strong and busty teacher punishing the younger female , the girl has to strip naked and walk in front of the teacher , walking and following her instruction to go down the stairs into the cellar which is underneath the school , a dark humid place hardly ever used , So to return back to the photo that is where it started ,the point where the busty teacher bound her student to the table to give her a good whipping with her paddle , the kind of paddle which really hurts young sensitive skin like the naughty schoolgirl has . humiliated and hurt she is ordered to strip naked and well ,you can see the dominance of the older and more strong female over the younger weaker girl. The girl enters the cellar and sees another gimp schoolgirl who is caged like a slave , this caged girl is set free to be abused together with the naked schoolgirl , for the lovers of good female to female domination this is real great stuff as the 2 girls are ordered to lick each other and also to pleasure the busty teacher , but also they get bound to the ceiling just to receive a good whipping on their naked bodies…if this short story about whipping of young women caught your attention then I suggest that you click the photo to enter the place where you can download the full video